From the very beginning, The Rīga Conference has addressed the issues, which are highly important both for Northern Region and globally. Looking back to the history of the forum, we are proud of the long-term partnerships with our supporters and partners that have contributed to the debates and provided visibility for the ever-growing audiences following us on-line.

Since the conference centers on politics, trade, national security and international cooperation, our members and directors include leaders of the business community, policy makers and security officials from around the world. Our audience is comprised of a range of potential clients and investors, journalists, experts and young professionals. This in itself will prove beneficial to any organization looking to further introduce itself to present and future policymakers.

Furthermore, your participation in our event will ensure your company promotion in national and international media outlets. Our hope is that your company exposure will not only stimulate further investment in your business, but will assist you in promoting your company’s image to a group of opinion makers that play an active role in securing, governing and legislating for current and future governments throughout Europe and North America.

We hope that enclosed you will find all the information about the Sponsorship needed to help you decide to become our partner. Key information about the conference and partnership benefits can be found here.

We all have a vested interest in present and future transatlantic policy, and for that we look forward to your support. Thank you again for your time and consideration.


Sincerely and respectfully,

Toms Baumanis

Chairman of the Board
Latvian Transatlantic Organisation